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General Questions

Yes, of course! When choosing the packages, select the free ones and it will allow you to create assignments or pre-cons for free on the platform. If you decide to upload via a premium package, your property will be marked as featured and will have prioritized search on the site. Premium packages also include various marketing promotions – view more on the pricing page.

After signing up to and creating an account, you can click the ‘Submit Property’ in the top right in the main menu. You will be instructed to to select the package you wish to upload. Fill out the form and upload any gallery images, documents and floor plans that you would like. You can preview your changes before hitting the submit button. Once you have uploaded your package, it will take our team 24-72 hours to validate your listing, as well as any adjustments we will make to your upload to fit the platforms design guidelines.

It will take our team 24-72 hours to validate your listing, as well as any adjustments we will make to your upload to fit the platforms design guidelines.

When you upload via a premium package, your property will be featured on the site and have priority to be shown over others. As we build our user base, we will give you a shout out as well on our social media pages and soon we will be doing email marketing packages as well.

To keep the assignment listings discrete, we do not show the listing agent for the assignment. You are still able to contact them through the contact form location on the property listing page.

Yes! Fill in and submit the contact form and we will forward your message to the agent or user. They will have the option to reply to you at their own discretion.

Yes, of course! We are constantly trying to make better for everyone so if there is something you would like to suggest, feel free to reach out to us through the contact page or email us at

General Assignment Questions

The purchase of the contract for an under construction or pre-construction home or condominium unit is called an assignment sale.

Since it takes a long period of time to get a under construction home or condominium building completely ready for habitation. There are several factors that can change in a person’s life that can lead to them no longer wanting the property.

Yes, they are 100% legal. It is also common and legal to add certain clauses in the agreement.

The original or first party that purchases the agreement of sale and purchase from the developer is called the Assignor.

 The party buying from an assignor is called the Assignee.

If an Assignor chooses to assign their purchase, they can be required to pay a relatively small legal fee and a fee to the developer. All of these costs will be mentioned in the agreement. This is also the reason that the sale is not closed at the final closing by the Assignee.

Once the sale is closed the Assignee become responsible for any and all charges and fees that might be related to the contract. These can include closing costs, charges, deposits and occupancy fees.

There is profit involved depending on how much the value of the property has grown over time. If the value increased from what it was when they purchased it, the difference is the profit that the Assignor makes.

As an Assignee when you buy the contract of the property in question, you get with it all the incentives attached. The main benefit is that you will not have to wait for a long period of time to move into your brand-new house.

Yes. It does not matter if you are the Assignor or the Assignee, it is always recommended to have a professional by your side to make sure that everything is legally safe and sound. Plus, the paperwork involved is best left to experts.

It is difficult to find Assignment sales through regular MLS listings. You will want to contact a certified expert that can help you find the Assignment sale that best suits your needs.