Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, who was born in Windsor, Ontario, and was raised in Brampton, is a passionate husband, father, community leader, and youth activist who is admired for his steadfast dedication to the well-being of all residents of the city. Among Gurpreet's accomplishments as a councilor are his efforts to increase the city's employment growth forecast by 25,000 jobs, his support for a reasonably priced senior transit pass, and his insistence that all recorded votes be made publicly available online in order to increase transparency and accountability. Additionally, he requested that Komagata Maru Park be designated as the city's cultural center, urged the province to outlaw deceptive door-to-door salespeople, and fought for reasonable rideshare and taxi laws. Additionally, Gurpreet has continuously opposed all compensation hikes for council members as well as any taxpayer-funded business rescues.

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